Toward a Humanist Foreign Policy

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH has proved to be as much of a disaster on foreign affairs as on domestic issues. More, if possible. And not just on Iraq. On many other issues, including global warming,... Read More

The Trouble with Pakistan

THE DRAMA THE ASSASSINATION of the great Pakistani political figure Benazir Bhutto last December seemed to emerge as a tailor-made story for the American media to fill the usual post-Christmas news void. The main character... Read More

Ripping into the Bible

ON THE MORNING of December 7, 2007, Christopher Campbell walked into his English Honors class at Parker High School, prepared to tear out pages of the Bible. Earlier that week his teacher had taped aphorisms... Read More

The Post-Theological Umbrella

Surely one of the biggest barriers keeping humanism from being a more prominent force in the United States is its nontheistic character. Two relevant surveys provide compelling proof that Americans just don't feel good about... Read More