You’re Addicted to What?

Periodically, some famous politician, athlete, or entertainer gets caught with his or her pants down, damaging or even destroying their reputation, livelihood, and marriage. Within hours, my email starts buzzing, as media vultures circle the... Read More

Thinking Like a Scientist The Humanist Interview with Congressman Rush Holt

Constituents of Rush Holt, the popular congressman representing central New Jersey, like to flaunt bumper stickers that declare: “My congressman IS a rocket scientist.” As it happens, Representative Holt is the only physicist in Congress... Read More

Torture on Trial Legal and Humane Frameworks for Opposing Torture

Cases come in by the thousands from all over the world. A man was beaten and whipped. A woman was beaten and raped. A boy was hooded with three empty sand bags in 100-degree heat all day,... Read More

The Humanist Photo Contest Winners

The Humanist magazine photo contest was a success! Readers took us with them to places near and far (and hopefully left some copies behind for unwitting humanists to peruse). Featured here are the first and second... Read More