The Hidden Hues of Humanism

For years it has been lamented that humanist groups and events lack adequate participation by racial minorities. “Our philosophy is inclusive,” goes the refrain. “Our doors are open. Anyone can come.” Nonetheless, the usual overwhelmingly... Read More

The Bible According to Thomas Jefferson

Editor's note: in honor of Thomas Jefferson's 271st birthday on April 13, looks back at two articles from the March/April 2012 issue of the Humanist magazine. Read Peter Carlson's examination of Jefferson's Bible below,... Read More

Jefferson’s Women

Thomas Jefferson was a private man who kept his personal life to himself, and yet today 18,000 of his letters exist in the public forum. In them, this farmer, architect, inventor, philosopher, politician, attorney, and... Read More

Resurrecting Jefferson’s Bible

Thomas Jefferson was seventy-seven years old in 1820, when he sliced up Bibles in four languages and pasted the passages he liked onto both sides of forty-three sheets of paper, scrapbook-style, then sent those pages... Read More