A Humanist in Action Pennsylvania House Rep. Brian Sims

IF YOU aren’t familiar with Brian Sims, a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, he’s a history maker. The first and so far only NCAA football captain to come out of the closet... Read More

Can Fracking Lead the Way To Clean Energy? A Promising Geothermal Technology Just Might Do the Trick

THERE'S A PROVERB often attributed to Euripides that warns: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Ellen Harrison knows what the ancients were on about. In 2008, in a moment of what she... Read More

2013 Humanist PHOTO CONTEST Winners

The Humanist magazine has traveled the globe! Check out the five best entries in our annual photo contest.   1st PLACE Members of the Pathfinders Project (a humanist service trip) take a break at the... Read More

An All-Natural Faith

Participating in the first Sunday Assembly in Washington, DC, this past November was a delightful and inspiring experience. My little talk in the midst of the fun and frivolity is adapted here, and I think... Read More

The Church of the Greater Solipsism

Much of the secular world has focused on problems of traditional organized authoritarian religion, but has had little concern for the equally problematic modern religious orientation toward the self. Religion for most is but a... Read More

The Humanist Interview with Hemley Gonzalez

Hemley Gonzalez is revolutionizing humanitarian efforts with Responsible Charity, a nonprofit humanist organization he founded in 2009 that is making strides in “education, planned parenthood, and self-employment” in India. In June 2013, after years of... Read More

The Oprah-Nyad Affair How Do Atheists Experience Wonder and Awe?

Atheists have one thing in common: they lack a belief in any god. But that commonality tells us very little about what they do believe and what they do experience in lieu of the divine.... Read More