Cosmopolitanism & Humanism

I felt at home wandering the Taj Lifestyle Center (commonly called the Taj Mall) in Amman, Jordan. It housed international retailers like H&M and Victoria’s Secret and offered an exotic seasoning of high-end Jordanian brands.... Read More

A Redaction of Heroism

OVER THE last few years the use of drones—unmanned aerial vehicles—has generated much debate and concern in the media and among the public. How concerned should we all be? According to data from the International... Read More

Kurt Vonnegut Survives Humanity

IN HIS EIGHTY-FIVE spins around the sun, Kurt Vonnegut managed to make people smile about the darkest aspects of the human condition. One of his most famous novels, the 1963 campus classic, Cat’s Cradle, deals... Read More

A Humanist in Action Pennsylvania House Rep. Brian Sims

IF YOU aren’t familiar with Brian Sims, a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, he’s a history maker. The first and so far only NCAA football captain to come out of the closet... Read More

Can Fracking Lead the Way To Clean Energy? A Promising Geothermal Technology Just Might Do the Trick

THERE'S A PROVERB often attributed to Euripides that warns: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Ellen Harrison knows what the ancients were on about. In 2008, in a moment of what she... Read More

2013 Humanist PHOTO CONTEST Winners

The Humanist magazine has traveled the globe! Check out the five best entries in our annual photo contest.   1st PLACE Members of the Pathfinders Project (a humanist service trip) take a break at the... Read More

An All-Natural Faith

Participating in the first Sunday Assembly in Washington, DC, this past November was a delightful and inspiring experience. My little talk in the midst of the fun and frivolity is adapted here, and I think... Read More