Creativity: Then and Forever

"CREATIVITY” is a word often associated with the beautiful in form and function, something precious to human beings, who tend to think they invented it. Beauty? If we’re so aware of that, why do we... Read More

Paths to People Establishing a Humanist Service Corps

The Pathfinders have been to rural Cambodia, teaching English to children at dawn before they head off to the rice fields. We have sung science songs with students in Uganda while teaching them to use... Read More

The Benefit Corporation The Unlikely Hero of a Sustainable Economy?

Imagine, if you will, a paradigm shift to a sustainable global economic system in which all corporations act as responsible global citizens. The unlikely hero at the center of this transformation? It’s the newest evolutionary... Read More

Papal Economics Why Pope Francis is Making “Cafeteria Catholics” out of the Catholic Right

Since its release on November 24, 2013, Pope Francis’ first official document, Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”), has been the subject of controversy among many self-described “orthodox Catholics,” not for any questionable theological... Read More

The Materialist in Her Bathtub

The materialism of people in the United States is axiomatic. Yet Mary McCarthy argued in a 1947 Commentary essay titled “America the Beautiful” that Americans aren’t materialistic; what seems like materialism is actually idealism. Her... Read More

Cosmopolitanism & Humanism

I felt at home wandering the Taj Lifestyle Center (commonly called the Taj Mall) in Amman, Jordan. It housed international retailers like H&M and Victoria’s Secret and offered an exotic seasoning of high-end Jordanian brands.... Read More

A Redaction of Heroism

OVER THE last few years the use of drones—unmanned aerial vehicles—has generated much debate and concern in the media and among the public. How concerned should we all be? According to data from the International... Read More